Fire & Smoke Products

fire_smoke.jpgMHServices offer the full Belimo Fire & Smoke range for retrofit purposes. Contact us today for more information and prices.

The Belimo range of Fire & Smoke actuators is unrivaled in the market place for their performance and reliability. Additional benefits include:

• Maximum safety through early triggering
• The possibility of scenario control by means of intelligent controls and the integration of sensors
• The protection of the infrastructure in the event of power failure through automatic closing in case of electricity interruptions
• Considerable lowering of operating costs through central monitoring and automated function tests.

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Products available include:

BF230 Spring-ret.act. 230V 90°
BF230/300 Spring-ret.act. BF230                cab
BF230/500 Spring-ret.act. BF230                cab
BF230-2 Spring-ret.act. BF230 shaft going throug
BF230-2/500 Spring-ret.act. BF230-2              cab
BF230-C132 Spring-ret.act.
BF230-C134 Spring-ret.act. 230V 20Nm 60s 90°
BF230-C93 Spring-ret.act. BF230             SI/HF-
BF230-C93/300 Spring-ret.act. BF230-C93     cable = 3m
BF230-C97 Spring-ret.act. 230V 95°          SI/HF
BF230-C97/300 Spring-ret.act. BF230-C97            cab
BF230-T Spring-ret.act. 230V 90°
BF230-T/300 Spring-ret.act. BF230-T              cab
BF230-T/500 Spring-ret.act. BF230-T              cab
BF230-T-2 Spring-ret.act. BF230-T shaft going thro
BF24 Spring-ret.act. 24V 90°
BF24/500 Spring-ret.act. BF24    cable 5m
BF24-2 Spring-ret.act. BF24 shaft going through
BF24-2-ST Spring-ret.act. BF24-ST shaft going thro
BF24-C132 Spring-ret.act. 24V 20Nm 60s 90°
BF24-C134 Spring-ret.act. 24V 20Nm 60s 90°
BF24-C93 Spring-ret.act. BF24              SI/HF-
BF24-C97 Spring-ret.act. 24V 95°           SI/HF-
BF24-SR Spring-ret.act. 24V 90° modul.
BF24-SR-C93 Spring-ret.act. BF24-SR      SI/HF-cable
BF24-SR-T Spring-ret.act. 24V 90° modul.
BF24-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 90°
BF24-T Spring-ret.act. 24V 90°
BF24-T/300 Spring-ret.act. BF24-T      cable 3m
BF24-T/500 Spring-ret.act. BF24-T     cable 5m
BF24-T-2 Spring-ret.act. BF24-T shaft going throu
BF24-T-2-ST Spring-ret.act. BF24-T-ST shaft going th
BF24TL-T-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 90° MFT
BF24-T-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 90°
BF24-V Spring-ret.act. 24V for VRD 18Nm
BF24-V-T Spring-ret.act. 24V for VRD 18Nm
BF48-5 Spring-ret.act. 48V 90°
BF48-5-ST Spring-ret.act. 48V 90°
BFG230 Spring-ret.act. 230V 180°
BFG230/300 Spring-ret.act. BFG230  cable 3m
BFG230-2-12 Spring-ret.act. BFG230-2 12mm
BFG230-T Spring-ret.act. 230V 180°
BFG230-T-2-12 Spring-ret.act. BFG230-T-2 12mm
BFG24 Spring-ret.act. 24V 180°
BFG24-2-ST-12 Spring-ret.act. BFG24-ST-2 12mm
BFG24-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 180°
BFG24-T Fictive Spring-return actuator
BFG24-T-2-ST-12 Spring-ret.act. BFG24-T-2-ST  12mm
BFG24TL-T-2-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 180° MFT
BFG24TL-T-2-ST-12 Spring-ret.act. 24V 180° MFT
BFG24TL-T-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 180° MFT
BFG24-T-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 180°
BFGT230 Spring-ret.act. 230V 180°
BFGT230-2 Spring-ret.act. BFGT230 shaft going thro
BFGT24-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 180°
BFT230 Spring-ret.act. 230V 90°
BFT24 Spring-ret.act. 24V 90°
BFT24-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 90°
BKN230-24 Communication and power unit
BKN230-24-C-MP Accessories SBS control
BKN230-24LON Communication and power supply unit
BKN230-24-MOD Accessories SBS control
BKN230-24MP Communication and power supply unit MP
BKNE230-24 Communication and power supply
BKS24-1B Communication and control unit
BKS24-1BA Communication and control unit
BKS24-1BA-C24 Communication and control unit
BKS24-9A Communication and control unit
BKSE24-6 Communication and control unit
BLE230 Smoke ext.act.  230V 105° 15Nm
BLE24 Smoke ext.act.  24V 105 15Nm
BLE24-ST Smoke ext.act.  24V 15Nm with plug
BLF230 Spring-ret.act. 230V 90° 6Nm
BLF230/300 Spring-ret.act. 230V 90°      cable 3m
BLF230/500 Spring-ret.act. BLF230          cable 5m
BLF230-C115 Spr.-ret.act. 230V 90° 6Nm Wieland plug
BLF230-T Spring-ret.act. 230V 90° 6Nm
BLF230-T/300 Spring-ret.act. 230V 90°       cable 3m
BLF230-T/500 Spring-ret.act. BLF230-T        cable 5m
BLF230-T-C113 Spring-ret.act. 230V 90° 6Nm
BLF24 Spring-ret.act. 24V 90° 6Nm
BLF24/500 Spring-ret.act. BLF24    cable 5m
BLF24-SR Spring-ret.act. 24V modul. 90° 4Nm
BLF24-SR-T Spring-ret.act. 24V modul. 90° 4Nm
BLF24-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 90° 4Nm
BLF24-T Spring-ret.act. 24V 90° 4Nm
BLF24-T/500 Spring-ret.act. 24V 90° 6Nm cable 5m
BLF24-T-C113 Spring-ret.act. 24V 90° 4Nm
BLF24-T-ST Spring-ret.act. 24V 90° 4Nm
BLF24-V-T Spring-ret.act. 24V VRD 4Nm
BLF48 Spring-ret.act. 48V 90° 4Nm
BLF48-ST Spring-ret.act. 48V 90° 4Nm with plug