New VAV Boxes

MHServices VAV unit with fully fitted controlsThe MHServices variable air volume damper supplies a controlled volume of air, independent of the duct pressure. The unit consists of a customised air flow sensor, a damper section and a full set of Belimo VAV controls to suit the required application.

The Belimo control system regulates the required air volume between the designed maximum (V-Max) and minimum (V-Min) settings programmed into the controller. Depending on the temperature controls required MHS can provide either a stand-alone solution or controls suitable for interfacing to a building management system.
If required the unit can be set as a constant volume damper.

PDF_icon.gif Download VAV box datasheet


Correct duct entry conditions are extremely important for ensuring that an accurate volume is provided.


The volume data detailed on our datasheet assumes that the VAV unit will have at least 2 diameters of straight duct work before the primary inlet connection. Any variation from these inlet conditions could result in a deviation from the calibrated flow range specified at time of order. In such instances it may be necessary for the volume controller to be re-calibrated on site.